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Creating and producing labels is what we love!

An enterprising and dynamic company. A major specialisation in label production. Thirty years' experience in the top-quality printing sector.

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The structure of the company includes four main areas, which together enable us to offer our clients a “turnkey” product of superlative quality.

Graphic design and production

Graphic design

and production

Digital composition



Printing and control


and control

Packaging and delivery


and delivery


Arti Grafiche Lizzi have been producing top quality labels for major Italian and foreign firms for the past 20 years.


We take a pride in establishing a working partnership with our clients, sharing their objectives and ensuring that we always achieve top quality results.

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When the dream becomes reality


We could offer this simple definition for the short but intense history of Arti Grafiche Lizzi, a firm specialising in the design and printing of labels for wines, spirits, beers and mineral waters, with 360° coverage of the food sector. Setting up a business in the forties and fifties was undoubtedly a pioneering choice, but to take this path at the closing of the 20th century was a courageous decision indeed. The founder and creator of the company is the current Chairman and Managing Director, Luciano Lizzi. Born in 1963, married with three children, his father was a bricklayer and his mother a slipper-maker: his was no entrepreneurial background. He worked his way up through the ranks in the time-honoured manner: first as a labourer, then as a worker in a sweet factory, awaiting the call to perform his national service. His drive to distinguish himself led him to set up on his own, working as a sales agent in the printing sector. On 4th July 1994, the gamble of a lifetime: his own company. Purely by coincidence, the first production site available for rent in central Fagagna was the very factory where his mother had worked making slippers. Like in a classic western, with a handful of men (just four back then), the adventures of this unarmed warrior began. The initial help of a number of silent partners, and subsequently the backing of local banks, enabled him to finally take full control of the company two years ago. Today the company works on premises of 10,000 square metres, 2,000 of which are indoors; it counts 23 employees, and close to 3.7 million euro in sales, placing it among the top five Italian firms specializing in this sector. About a year ago, Luciano's wife Barbara Bertoli joined the firm, bringing that extra touch, raising staff awareness of the need for absolute product quality.


Graphic design and production

Graphic design and production

Our company does more than simply printing. Our love and passion for our work leads us to go the extra mile, offering a complete graphic design service. Designing a label to suit the various different sales channels, making it simple yet eye-catching, colourful but not too loud: our clients' graphic image is their first calling card, and knowing this is gratifying and exciting for us. We want to supply our designs in the form of a veritable printed proof, absolutely faithful to the end result, and for this reason we have invested considerably in this area. We can now produce labels even while we are still at the creative stage, on any type of paper: Kote, laid linen, metallic, glossy, with glossy or matt coating, and even with special processes such as gold, silver and copper foiling.

Composizione digitale

Digital composition

Digital composition

Digital technology has come up with unprecedented innovations in this sector, allowing us to speed up production times and increase precision. Investments in our "preprinting" department have produced remarkable results. The new photoplotter with inline imagesetter and the revolutionary piezoelectric control printer, for you, the reader, may be little more than words, but for us they are the ace up our sleeve that enables us to work as flexibly as we do. The result is that we can move on to the actual printing phase in as little as twenty minutes.


Printing and control

Printing and control

We can machine-print labels in multiple colours by remote control, enhance them with fluorescent colours, gold and silver laminates or bronzing, UV paint them or scratch-proof them, give them a gloss or matt coating, highlighting even the finest details, but above all we take into account the possible consequences of the different processes. Experience has taught us to pay close attention to our clients' technical difficulties: bottling plants, working methods, the types of bottles used, the fact that the bottles are often filled with hot or cold products, all these factors can influence printing results. By taking all these issues into consideration we are able to offer our clients not only a label of superior aesthetic quality, but also a product conceived to meet their specific requirements.

Confezione e consegna

Packaging and delivery

Packaging and delivery

Here again, technology has come on in leaps and bounds, bringing us electronic paper cutters with computerised page layout and punch-cutters that can handle any shape of label. Nonetheless, for us the human factor is essential. We do not underestimate the importance of this phase of the production process, and consider it no less impactful or professional than any of the other production departments. We have chosen to employ only qualified and skilled staff in this department, which clearly means higher labour costs, but at the same time it enables us to supply a superior quality of product. Indeed, every pack of labels is checked to ensure that the printing, cutting and punching processes have all given optimum results. In terms of packaging, we can meet any requirements, protecting packs of labels with damp-proof shrink-wrapping, or supplying them in purpose-made cardboard trays. When we ship our products to our clients, we can rest assured that everyone on our team has given their utmost to ensure the best possible quality.

Arti Grafiche Lizzi

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